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U.S. Business Address For Chinese Entrepreneurs

Why Your Business Needs a US Address

There are a number of online services that provide a U.S. business and mailing address. Having a U.S. street address is important for U.S. companies owned by Chinese entrepreneurs that need such address for market presence or paperwork requirements, and it is often necessary for opening a U.S. bank account. Keep in mind, street addresses are superior to P.O. boxes because most private mail carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL, do not deliver to P.O. boxes.


Starting in 2014 our company has began offering our own Virtual Offie solution called "MyUSAOffice". We offer business & mailing addresses in over 25 U.S. cities, and process all incoming the mail directly in our offices. We keep the cost of the service very affordable compared to many popular alternatives on the market (ours is starting from just $29.41 a month!).

You are welcome to visit the offical page of MyUSAOffice to learn more about the different options available to our clients. To order your own virtual office through MyUSAOffice you are invited to start an application to register an LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit and select "U.S. Business & Mailing Address Options" item.

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We provide full service of forming your company, which includes everything from drafting and filing the Articles with the state for your choice, providing registered agent in any of the 50 state and DC, obtaining EIN for non-U.S. owners, drafting Operating Agreement, obtaining all necessary licenses and tax IDs, certifying your company documents for foreign use, and more.

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